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Persona - What is your Arcana?
A quiz I made for RHS Chess & Wargames Club.

1. Do you believe in fate?
Not at all.
The only fate is what we make for ourselves.
Yes, but it can be averted or changed.
Yes, and there is nothing you can do to change it.
Maybe there is a Plan, but it is for the best.
2. You meet a man on a long train, and he helps you sort out your problems, and is generally a nice guy. However, when you come to your stop, he reveals that he is, in fact, a thief. He asks you to help him escape from the police. What do you do?
I help the police catch him; it is the right thing to do.
I tell him that I cannot get involved in that, and respectfully decline.
I distract the police while he leaves the station. I am sure he is a good guy.
I agree; why would I meet him if I was not supposed to help him?
I ask him a few moral questions. If he is remorseful, then I help him.
3. You have been assigned a group for an important class project. The other three members of your group are lazy and unintelligent, but one nominates himself as leader. He is inefficient. What do you do?
I declare myself the new leader and get the others to work with me.
I just quietly do the whole project myself.
I would complain the whole time about them making me do the work, but get it done.
If they are not doing the work, I get my instructor to assign me to a new group.
I take charge as a leader and force the others to do the work.
4. You are at your best friend`s wedding, and have been told to give a speech. What do you say about your best friend?
I say anything and everything that comes to mind about him.
I make jokes about his shortcomings, but end on a high note.
I say a few compliments, then get someone else to start speaking.
I give compliments, especially things that his new in-laws would want to hear.
I say a few honest things about him, the good and the bad.
I joke about never thinking he would get married before me.
I talk about all the amazing things he can do.
I compliment his academic pursuits and maturity.
I say what I would want someone to say about me at my wedding.
I whip out the speech I had prepared, just in case.
5. You are hanging out with your friends, when suddenly one of them breaks away from the group. You see that she is very upset, and she runs away. What do you do?
Leave the group to go after her, and bring her back to the group.
Persuade the group to come with me and go after her.
She might need some time alone; I will continue with the group.
I can`t help her... I would send one of the more sensitive people to find her.
Go after her, and spend the rest of the night trying to cheer her up.
I apologize to the group, and then go off to find her and comfort her, hoping she will come back.
I think about going after her, but I do not want to leave my friends...
Tell the group to split up and look for her.
Find her, and have an in-depth discussion with her, unrelated to her outburst.
Wait for someone else to offer a solution/
6. You have to quit a sport. Why do you think you would do that?
I probably had a prior commitment that I did not realize would conflict with the sport.
The sport got boring, so I moved onto something new.
I was never any good at it, so I decided to do something that I am good at.
It was interfering with my studies.
I was not treated as well as I should have been on the team.
I just could not make the effort to go to the practices...
What are you talking about? I would never give up on it.
The coach asked me to leave, because he said I was too much of a daydreamer.
Eh, it just wasn`t meant to be.
I wanted to do something where I got to be more in control.
7. You have some free time. What do you do?
Wait for someone to call me and set up a movie or something.
Practice my hobby.
Do a bit of reading, especially on histories.
Send some texts around to my friends, see if they need help with anything.
I dunno.
Whatever I feel like at the moment.
Do some volunteer work.
Read Nietzche or Machiavelli, probably Locke and Socrates, too.
Practice counting cards or play a friendly game with someone.
Get ahead on my work.
8. How would you describe yourself in one word?
9. What is the best place on earth?
Whatever is ahead of me.
Wherever I am.
A quiet place, where you can think, but also a place with people.
Where my family and friends are.
Wherever people need me.
Disneyland, duh.
"Best" is a matter of opinion. The best place for me is a place that I am supposed to be.
A place where I am quiet, rested, and alone.
A place where I have oppurtunities and chances.
A place where I can help people.
10. You and your friends are going to split up at a theme park. Who do you go with?
Jack, the boy who I know the least.
Mary, the girl who likes the same rides as I do.
James, my best friend.
I try to get the group to stay together.
Whoever wants to go with me.
Tara, the submissive girl who will go where I want to.
With Rick, who is calm and will not get crazy at the park.
With Carol, who talks a lot and does not really notice when people are being quiet.
Probably I draw lots or flip a coin or something.
Go with Carla, the girl who most people can`t stand.

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