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What kind of person are you? Tomboy, girlie, etc. (GIRLS)
Tittle says it all!

1. If I were to open your closet, what would I see?
Black shirts, ripped jeans, sneakers, and a few sports equipment
Some jeans, colorful shirts, sweaters, make up, basketballs
OMG! Makeup, blush, eyeliner, mascara, high heeled boots, pink dresses and skirts, pink, pink, PINK!
2. What kind of hairstyle would you use for a special occasion?
Ribbons and pink clips in my hair
Nothing. I don`t like fixin` my hair
I`ll just wash my hair and detangle it
3. How often do you wear makeup?
Always! I can`t live without it!!!
Eww, makeup?
I don`t really wear makeup. Just sometimes
4. Do you like sports?
Yeah, I guess
Of course. Dude, I`m the group leader in my team
OMG! Sports??? I don`t like sports, I get all sweaty!
5. What color do you like most out of these?
Any color. Rainbow I guess
6. At school, I open your locker. What do I see?
My gym clothes, my jacket, and a few notebooks
My basketball, and a picture of my basketball team, and my skateboard
Makeup, and a mirror so I can check myself ALL the time!
7. What`s your opinion of guys?
Love `em! They fill my life!!!
I dunno
I see them as friends. We play sports together all the time, but nothing more than just friends.
8. Will you comment/rate?
Does this affect my grade?

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Created on:12/12/2011 8:47:52 PM
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