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What kind of person are you?
Find out what kind of person you really are! You may be suprised...

1. You see a puppy on the sidewalk in the middle of the winter. It has no collar, and it looks terribly cold and frightened. What do you do?
You take the puppy home with you. Someone offers to take it home insted, but you shout, "NO WAY!"
You feel a certain conection with this animal. You know what its like to be alone. You take it home.
You feel no pitty for this poor animal. Whatever happened, it was it`s fault.
You feel terrible for this poor puppy. You decide to take care of this animal, and you take it home.
2. You are playing a trivia game with your classmates in school. They ask a question that no one knows the answer to besides you. What do you do?
You shout out the answer. You know it, so you should get credit for it.
You want to give others a chance. You pretend to be as confused as them, and wait for the answer.
You are sitting alone in the back, kind of zoned out of the whole game. You dont want to shout it.
3. You see a homeless person on the side of the street, begging for money. What do you do?
You think that they should suck it up, its their fault their life turned out this way.
You sympithise with the person. You know the feeling of being out there on the streets alone.
You understand their problem and pull your wallet and hand them $20 to buy dinner.
You need money for your self, you don`t have any that you are willing to give this person.
4. You are making a purchase at a store, and the sales person gives you some attitude. What do you do?
Ask the person what the heck their problem is, and threaten them if they dont cut it out.
You are oblivious to their bad mood, because you are in a haze, staring out the window.
You ask them why they are acting that way to them, and ask if you can help.
They make a mean coment to a family member thats with you, so you beat them up.
You understand their bad mood, and forgive them for being so mean, even though they never apoligized
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