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What one of my friends are you  quiz. Ok  ok  We all have our group of friends  My group is pretty weird  Take this quiz to see what one you are  Send me a message if you have any ideas for quizzes Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What one of my friends are you?
Ok, ok. We all have our group of friends. My group is pretty weird. Take this quiz to see what one you are! Send me a message if you have any ideas for quizzes!

1. There`s a HUGE science test tomorrow, and you forgot to study! You most likely would:
Come up with a studying plan, maybe pull an all-nighter
Just study, I guess
Pfft, who needs studying! There`s a hockey game in a few minuets!
Grab some of your friends and have a STUDY PARTY! (You will obviously do your nails later)
2. One of your best friends has a soccer tournament, would you go?
Of coarse! We can throw a soccer party later!
I guess I can bring my studies to the game, so yes!
And risk messing up my manicure? No thank you! Big crowds aren`t my thing, either.
H*** yeah! I would be cheering him/her on the entire time!
3. There`s a romantic ball tonight! Will you be coming?
Um, I don`t think I would go. I have more important things to do.
Um, I guess I would go if it`s not too loud
Oh gosh yes! I could meet the man/lady of my dreams!!!
4. The teacher handed back some math tests, and you got a C! You would______.
Tell the teacher he must have made a mistake grading them.
March up to the teacher and ask "What`s the meaning of this"
Think about going to the teacher, but decide not to. You don`t want to bother him
5. Five guys/girls ask you to dance, who gets a yes?
Brad/Brittany, captain of the hockey team
Seth/Sara, head of the student council
Mark/Melissa, the cutest guy/girl in school
Keagen/Kiara, a class clown!
Robby/Rene, just a quiet little guy/girl
6. Do you keep your room clean?
Yes! Tidy and organized is the way to go!
Um, no not really... There`s leftover cake in the corner and a football glued to the ceiling...
Yeah, I even have butterflies to decorate the walls!
It`s inbetween, but it has lots of character and design to it!
7. How do you wear your hair? (To school)
A sock bun/ neatly brushed and parted in the middle.
Oh I go ALL OUT. Takes me about an hour to get it done!
Just a ponytail, I guess/ I dunno, combed?
I don`t care much, it`s pretty much falling in front of my eyes.
8. How many good friends do you have?
Tons! Probably 6 or 7!
I have a nice amount, maybe 4 or 5
Its just me and my besties, so only 2 or 3 of us.
Only 1, but I don`t care much.
9. (Last one!) What`s most important to you right now?
Winning the gold medal at the hockey tornament!
Studying hard to get into a good college!
I guess it`s just to take care of myself and others.
To meet as many new people as I can, so I can make a mark in the world!

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