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What type of person are you?
Are you a nice or bad person? Here is where to see.

1. You see an elderly man trying to cross the street. What do you do?
Help him across.
Drop a banana peel in front of him.
Ignore him.
Rob him.
Kill him.
Look at him, then turn away.
2. What is your favourite colour?
3. What`s your favourite song?
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Not Fair
Eye of the Tiger
Livin` on a Prayer
If I Could Turn Back Time
4. Element?
5. A child drops her wallet. What do you do?
Give it to her
Pretend to give it to her, then take it back
Throw it away and watch her cry.
Ignore it.
Look at her hard before giving it back.
6. A girl/boy comes up to you and says you`re hot. You...
say thanks
Slap him/her in the face
Ignore them
You lie that you already have a boy/girllfriend
Walk away
7. You walk away, but he/she follows you. You...
punch her
Throw her to the ground
Continue to ignore her
Say go away in a polite way
Kill him/her
Sleep with them, then when they are asleep, bury them or put her on her house door mat.
8. They come back to you again to school or work .You...
Run away from them
Forget their existance
Kiss them, then knock them out
Kiss them
Go to the closest other boy/girl you see and kiss them, pretending to be in love with them
Choose this if you selected kill her on the previous question
Tell your friend who has a dagger
9. You are faced with a dificult test. You...
Try your hardest
Threaten to kill someone if they don`t do it for you
Do nothing
Rip it

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