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what kind of person are you

1. you just got a new pet what`s it`s name?
sir william b. swimsinthetubsalotandeatsthesoap jr
does it matter i already killed him
McLonely jr (aff
2. you wright a book the title is
the adventures of sir giglepuff
i`d rather cut myself than wright a book
lonely boy/girl
3. your favorite flower is a
bleeding heart
no flower fills the void of being alone
bouqie(sorry if it`s spelt wrong)
4. your favorite song is
it`s a meh world after Meh
im a barbie girl (*gag*)
i don`t give a ***
5. your favorite food is
meh meh with a side of meh
a feast
comfort food
6. will you rate this quiz? (may affect score)
yes i`ll put the longest comment
meh meh
im to lonely to
sorry i have to go kill myself

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Times Taken:2,003
Created on:2/28/2009 9:02:17 PM
Made by:vamp_chick

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