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What Kind Of Person Are You? (kind,smart,diva)
Find out if you're kind or smart or if you are a diva.

1. Someone is hurt. You....
You would help them. And ask are you ok. And then you would take them to the doctor.
You would leave them there because you don`t know where they`ve been.
You would tell an adult.
2. You and a friend find a pair of shoes but there is only one left. You....
You would let your friend have it. She deserves it.
You chose another pair of shoes because you don`t want to make a scene.
You take it for yourself. You`ll look fabulous in these shoes!
3. You find a bird with a broken wing. You...
Take it to the vet so it can be healed.
You take it home and care it for yourself.
You say gross I am not touching that!
4. Your teacher ask a question. You raised your hand but someone else is raising their hand too. You.....
You still raise your hand. You really want to answer this question.
I will never raise my hand!
You let them answer the question so you put your hand down.
5. It`s your friend`s birthday and you are in the mall and find this really cute and big stuff panda. But it cost 100$! What will you do?
Buy it with your birthday money. Your friend totally deserves it.
Your not wasting your money!
You will buy the same thing but only smaller because it`s cheaper.
6. You see a lost 5 year old on the streets. You would.....
You would take them home and help them.
You would ask her where her home is and call your mom to take her there.
You just leave her there she could be gross.
7. Your in the library and you find this book that you really like. Someone also grabs on it. You would......
Eww! I will never go to the library! But if I did I take it for myself.
You let them have it. You could check it out when their done reading it.
You would take it but say, " You could check it out after me."
8. You have to babysit your little sibling. But you also have a date on the same day. You would......
Babysit your cute sibling and reschedule your date.
You put your sibling to bed really early and sneak to your date. I deserved that date.
You tell your mom you could go on your date but if another babysitting job comes you would do it.
9. Your mom takes you to the mall and you find the best lipstick in the world. There is only one left. But your not allowed to wear makeup yet. You....
I would make a drama scene right in front of the store. This will embaress my mom.
Who cares their are other lipsticks in the world. You would not disobey your mother.
Tell the makeup clerk to save it for until your at a certain age and say, " I will give you more $"
10. Bye!!!!!!!!!!! Will you commet and like? (Won`t effect)
Yes sure totally!
Bye!!!!!!!!!! Maybe

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