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What`s the perfect vacation for you?
Where in the world will your perfect vacation be?

1. Do you like cold or hot weather?
Hot!!!!! I love being able to swim!
Cold is the best! I hate hot weather!
Both! I don`t care what season it is. either cold or hot is fine for me.
2. Which feels better to you? Sand, dirt, ice, or hard rock?
Sand! The beach is where it`s at!
Dirt! I just want the normal old dirt.
Ice! I like it really cold.
Hard rock! I like to be on solid rock.
3. Would you rather go somewhere in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world?
Leave the U.S.! No way!
Yes! Yes! Yes! get me across the ocean!
I don`t want too go to far away.
4. What continent would you want your vacation to be in?
North America
5. Are you wanting to taste new cuisines?
Not really....I`l just go to the nearest fast foood place.
Yeah, as long as the food isn`t too weird.
6. Would you rather fly , take a boat, or drive to your vacation spot?
I`d rather drive there! I`m not getting on a plane!
By boat, you must mean a cruise ship? Then yes!!!!
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Created on:7/31/2008 10:38:21 AM
Made by:pickleswiss

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