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Are you the perfect girlfriend?
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1. You have a date planned. Something comes up and he has to cancel. You ...
Role eyes and say whatever
Say ok we will plan for another night/day.
2. He`s hanging out with his friends and not you. You..
Hang out with your own friends
Avoid Him
Hang out with them
3. He wants to do something but you dont. You..
Say no
Say sorry but i really dont wanna do it , we can do something else?
4. Hes avoiding you all day. You..
Go talk to him yourself
Dont do anything
Avoid him too
5. Hes with another girl. You..
Go with them and be normal
Ignore him and give him dirty looks

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Created on:12/30/2010 7:30:26 PM
Made by:lollipop98

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