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Your perfect boyfriend profile  full version  quiz. I did a shorter version yesterday and I promised a longer one so here it is    I hope it gets as good results as the shorter one did so    enjoy    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your perfect boyfriend profile [full version]
I did a shorter version yesterday and I promised a longer one so here it is... I hope it gets as good results as the shorter one did so... enjoy! (e)

1. Alright, before we really get started, what color hair do you like the most in your man?
Light Blonde!!!
Dark Blonde!!!
Light Brown!!!
Dark Brown!!!
Crazy colors!!!
2. What is the thing you notice at first glance?
If he is quiet.....That says to me that he respects privacy
If he`s with a whole bunch of people...It says to me that he is fun to be around....
If he is carrying a book....It says to me that he is probably intelligent.....
His hott body....It says to me that he is most likely...shall we say...good in the bedroom....;)
If he is laughing....It says to me that he has a good sense of humor
3. What part of his looks is your favorite out of these choices?
His eyes, if there is intelligence behind his eyes, I know I`ll like him....
His body...I just can`t seem to take my eyes off a good body....
His whole face...I like a classically good looking man....
His smile....I`m a sucker for a good smile,,,,
Long hair....Long hair is weakness....That`s all there is to it...
4. Once in the relationship, what quality do you find the most appealing?
If he has a great sense of humor, i`ll fall in love quickly...
To be outgoing, but still know what to keep quiet...
Someone who can let me be by myself sometimes and have secrets and not get mad about it....
I want someone who I can have an intelligent conversation with, and can be romantic as well....
I want someone fiery and passionate....Someone who knows how to put SPICE in a relationship....
5. Now, a question about you, if you were to be named one of these, which would you be?
Prep/Cheerleader type
Class Clown...
I`m just seeexxxyy.....
6. Which of these clebs do you thing is the best looking?
Brad Pitt
Orlando Bloom
Billie Joe Armstrong
Johnny Depp
Hugh Laurie
I don`t like any of these dudes...
7. Gettin` close....What is your idea of the perfect date?
Dinner and a movie, the wonderfully classic date...
Chillin` out at home.....Maybe watch a movie maybe talk...just whatever...
A day at the beach!!!
A concert!!!!
Something SUPER romantic....Maybe a candlelight dinner or something like that.....
Forget the date!! Skip right to the bedroom!!!!
8. Are you ready to find out who your perfect boyfriend is?
I`m a little nervous....But yeh, I guess so....
No.....I didn`t like the quiz so I probably won`t like the answer....

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Created on:6/9/2007 6:26:11 PM
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