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Accurate  quot Which Percy Jackson character are you  quot  quiz. This is an accurate quiz  I love the series and am quite like Thalia  don t get me angry or I will lose it  I may even shock you    both ways  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Accurate "Which Percy Jackson character are you?"
This is an accurate quiz. I love the series and am quite like Thalia- don't get me angry or I will lose it. I may even shock you... both ways.

1. Don`t kill me, but it is a necessary question. Need I tell what it is?
Reddish Orange
Yellow and Green. Some silver, and mabye the color of copper too.
Angry Red
2. Where would you rather be?
A fighting arena. I can release all my anger.
Sighhh...Paris...(me: I just came from there this morning- 08/02/10)
Hehe... a bank...
A nice soothing forest where I can tend to all the animals.
Probably MIT. Or the Deustches museum in Munich. (me: you need a week there...I only had two days)
Florida. On the shoreline. The ocean calms me down. Mabye I can help clean up the oil spill.
Somewhere loud. Mabye Vegas or Tokyo.
Any place with ponies!!!
Yelp! Anywhere but a cave! Mabye in the Alps?
3. Choose an animal.
Do teddy bears count?
a sly fox.
All animals should be treated equally with respect.
An owl. Wisdom and knowledge it holds.
A sea animal. They seem to like me.
A raven mabye. A bear? Something black.
Any animal is fine, unless it is something evil and scary! Yelp!
A big, wild pig. A boar.
4. Loveplay. What is your opinion?
Not necessary. It steers young children away from their studies.
Absolutely necessary! I mean, it`s only part of human nature.
5. Act first, think later, or vice-versa?
Act first, think later.
Think first, act later.
6. Fire.
Too hot to handle. I don`t like it.
Keep it hot. I like it hot.
7. Be truthful. Have you ever stole anything worth over five bucks/euros?
8. DoyoutalklikethisanddoyouunderstandwhatIamsaying?
9. Are you short tempered?
Yes. Now can you stop asking questions with only two options?
No... not really. BUT I AM ALWAYS ANGRY!
10. Random question. You may not understand it, but I know what I am doing: Pick one. It doesn`t necessarily have to be your favorite.
Sky Blue/Yellow
Intense blue
Calm blue
Bright and flashy colors
Silverish. Mabye some black
Red, red, and pure red (me: I have Erytophobia. Don`t talk about red)
11. Last question. Weapon of choice?
My fists. I get real angry and exert it that way.
My sneakiness. I can get out of any situation with it.
I dunno. Mabye a club or something?
You talk it out. No battling, It is unnecessry.
Anything sharp and pointy!
My infatuative looks. (me: eww.)
My "death stare". It gives people the impression: "Don`t mess with me".
My wits. I can come up for a solution for everything if I think.
When I lose it, I lose it, and that`s my source of power.
I let nature do its job. If I don`t mess with anything, nature will help.

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Created on:8/2/2010 2:20:07 PM
Made by:lightningkid

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