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The Percy Jackson demigod quiz
I'm telling you who you're GOD parent is

1. So describe you`reself to me
I am very violant!
I am so hot and evereone loves me
I am good at aiming and love to sing
I think death is so cool and fun
I love roleercosters!
I am good swimer and am good with horses
I am so smart I get straght A`s!
I am good at takeing things!
I love wine oh yaeh!
I am good hunter!
2. So favorat colar?
Sky blue
Blud red
I don`t care
Wine red
It`s not on here
3. This one will relly determin you`re score so be smart in respons you`re favorat sport
Sky diveing
I don`t needs death
I like being in the army
Captore the flag
Um...I like to garden/drink
Sport? I like makeup
I like homework it`s fun uses the brain

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Created on:2/24/2010 11:52:45 PM
Made by:Quiz9002

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