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Are people mean to you?
Someone is mean to mean.... She is anoying!!!!

1. Do people talk crap about you?
All the time. gets anoying!
No. I dont get talked about
Only when i do somethin stupid like trip
Sometimes.only bullys
2. Do people take controll of you?
When im down
All the time. i get tired of it!!
3. Do you fight back when someone starts it?
Yes. For my protection
No. I try to stay out of it if i can
Ignor them. there nothing to me
4. Are you a nice person?
no. im proud of it
When im in a good mood
5. Would you.... (doesnt affect score)
i dont now and dont care

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Created on:2/10/2012 5:44:21 PM
Made by:elesa

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