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Which type of people do you hate?
Fake, Pessimistic, Bitchy, Optimistic, Boring or Crazy. Which type of person gets on your nerves the most?

1. When you`re angry you hate it when people...
Tell you to get over it - the who cares additude.
Tell you that tomorrows a new day and everything will be happy - Don`t worry be happy.
Say something offensive like "who cares, you deserve it, afterall you are a dog!!"
Who hate you come up to you and pretend to care.
Come over to talk to you about a completely different topic.
Try & make you do someting to get your mind off it
2. What annoys you the most?
Other people bragging.
Other people complaining all the time.
People who insult you.
When people pretend to be nice.
When someones talking to you about something you know nothing about.
When you`re around someone who`s really loud & talkative, and you never get a chance to speak.
3. Which of the following qualitys would you use to describe yourself?
Cheerful, funny & always look on the bright side of things.
Unhappy, oppinionated & realistic.
Friendly, accepting & have good intentions.
Individual, wise & have set morals and limits.
Lively, amusing & loud.
Intelligent, quiet & considerate.
4. You love people who like to...
Talk about all lifes problems.
Be happy & celebrate the joys of life.
Show respect for everyone & be kind to all.
Just be themselves & make thier own decisions.
Be daring, fun & party hard.
Act smart & read plenty of books.
5. Which of the following is the most important to you....
Trying to make bad times happy & enjoyable.
Making sure people know how you feel when in a bad mood.
Putting in an effort to get along with those you don`t like.
Being yourself all the time, not trying to be like everyone else.
Being intelligent & highly educated.
Being loud and hypo when you`re happy.

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