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Are you a pegasister or a brony
Your awsome

1. Who is celestia
Luna`s pet
Luna`s maid
It`s just a unknown character
She is a princess
2. Whocis the creator of my little pony
Toys r us
Cartoon network
Nickolodean duhhh
3. What episode is slice of life
Episode 9 duh
Episode 6
Episode 100
Episode 1 is the freaking answer
4. What is the meaning of bbbff
Big brother bestfriends forever
Balloon balloon bad fever feve
Boom boom bad foreve far away
5. Who is the 4 princess
Twilight fluttershy or rarity
Luna twilight pinkie pie and shining armor
Celetia luna shining armor
Cadance luna twilight and celestia
Bonbon lyra moon dancer
6. Who is moondancer
Twilight`s best friend
Twilight`s phone
7. Who is rarity`s sister
Sweetie puff

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