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Which peanut character are you?
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1. what is your favorite color?
black and white
poka dots
music note patterns
2. what do you like to do
find some where high to sit
day dream
tell people about fasinating things
talk to others about catching up and doing something
help others
have baths every 4 days
see what is going on
tell people about you
play music
3. what is one of your hobbies
hanging with a friend
playing out side
lots of knowlage
bnase ball
playing outside in the mud
helping out others with social problums
trying to solve problums
playing amasing songs on an instrument
4. what is a habit of yours
not going in the right direction
getting on some ones nerves
carrying a memento of yours where ever you go
always talking about one thing
always wondering what people are doing
over reacting
not washing throughly
not doing exactly what people asked of you
always talking over others making sure they know what YOU where saying
(do not click) REMEMBER NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!
5. what is something tha inois you?
that you are short
when people say you aern`t allowed to do something
when people say that what you like is bad
when you did something wrong and every one laughs
when you relised you hurt someones feelings
when people say you ae gross
when people will not listen to you
when people arenot doing what you told them to
when you are trying to do some thing and someone keeps bothering you
6. how do people describe you?
happy and funny
always up to something
they know where to fing you because you are always doing your favorite hobbie

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