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Which PB Girl Are You?
Take the quiz and find out which PB girl you are ... or would like to have otk.

1. It`s time to get up and get dressed. You put on ...
Jeans and a top
Nothing. Naked time!
A school uniform
Not getting up. Going back to bed.
A nice dress.
Short shorts.
2. School is ...
a drag.
for social networking.
where dumb rules are meant to be broken
awesome. Wish it was 7 days a week.
a necessary evil.
3. Under your clothes you`re wearing ...
bikini panties.
your bikini. You`re hitting the beach.
nothing. Commando!
4. A bottle of vodka is missing from the cabinet. You ...
had nothing to do with it.
can`t remember what happened to it. "hiccup!"
will buy more tomorrow so quit whining.
brought it to a party because a friend made you and it`s all her fault not yours.
suggest Grey Goose next time. That other stuff was cheap.
5. You are short on cash. You ...
get a babysitting job.
ask a relative for a loan. Batting your eyelashes works evey time.
take some money from your aunt`s purse.
borrow a few bills from the school fundraiser.
6. You forgot to study for today`s quiz. You ...
skip the class.
fake illness.
cheat off a friend.
steal the answer key.
take the test and hope for the best.
bargain with the teacher and try to get an extension.

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Times Taken:10,959
Created on:6/29/2011 9:53:12 AM
Made by:pixie_pb

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