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Are you a Patriot or a Loyalist  quiz. Yes  this is History  It was taken somewhere around       The Stamp Act  Boston Tea Party  Lexington at Concord  Townshend Acts  the Quartering Acts  the Tea Act  Boston Massacre  the    colonies  There were Patriots who were against the British Parliament and there r Loyalists  faithful to the king Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a Patriot or a Loyalist?
Yes, this is History. It was taken somewhere around 1763. The Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, Lexington at Concord, Townshend Acts, the Quartering Acts, the Tea Act, Boston Massacre, the 13 colonies. There were Patriots who were against the British Parliament and there r Loyalists, faithful to the king

1. Before 1763, you and the 13 colonies were independent. Now, King George is in charge. He puts The Stamp Act in action, You...
Absolutely refuse to pay for a mere stamp that must go on all papers-cards, documents, wills, etc
Sigh, and say, "Well, I do live here and if I am required to pay for Britian, then I must and will."
2. After much rioting and protest, the Stamp Act is repealed. However, Quarting Act in put in effect. That requires the colonists to pay for the British soldiers who didn`t do much. You...
you sigh and tell yourself, "All the soldiers bloody do is sit around and take up space. why pay?"
say, "Well, I`m sure there family misses them and what they do isn`t easy, I think they deserve it.
3. Because of the Quarting Act, the Boston Massecre took place. Paul Revere sent out propaganda about how cruel the Britains were being. Shooting on poor, unarmed colonists. You...
Yell, "Go Paul! To hell with the Britians!"
Take part in the Massacre.
Try to put a stop to this nonsense at once!
4. Finally, the Quarting Act was repealed. A new Head of Parliament, Lord North, was put in to place. He helped Charles Townshend enforce the Townshend Acts. That required that all imported goods will be taxed. You...
Boycott- aviod buying imported goods and make your own.
You see that Britain really need the money now that they won the French and Indian War, so you buy.
5. Charles shorlty dies of a high fever. The Townshend Acts are repealed. However, Lord North packs on the Tea Act. That lowered the price of British whilst it being secretly taxed, and that making the Dutch tea look more exspensive. You aren`t fooled..
You participate in the Boston Tea Party!
You simply don`t buy the British tea, only on special occasions.
6. The Boston Tea Party has taken place. The colonies are punished gravely. The Intolerabell Acts are in order. That closes the Harbor until the tea is paid for, to have a meeting consult the gov. first, and some patriots lost there lives. You...
You form the First Continental Congress and form Militias.
You scoff at the Patriots and tell them that that`s what they deserve. "Dunderheads!"
7. Patriots were camped in the woods at Lexington. They spotted a British camp. They stole alot of Gun Powder and barels. General Gage finds out and sends 700 of his greatest troops to Concord because that`s where the powder is hiden. You...
Listen to Paul Revere screaming the British are coming and get your minutemen ready.
Sigh, and hope the patriots get what they deserv!
8. The Patriots perform an ambush but fail. However, the patriots have already moved the location of there hidden gun powder. The British troops were angered. They then went home to report it. However were ambushed by the patriots and the British lost..
Shout, "huzzah, huzzh!" in your vistory over the battle and Concord.
shake your head and decide it`s better to stay out of it.

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