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Are you the party, or is the party you?
see if your a party person, or a party pooper. find out!

1. Do you come to the party, or do you make the party?
ppl! come on now! who doesn`t want to plan a party. EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!
I won`t go, unless my best friend`s sister boyfriend`s goes. and i HAVE to be center attention!
2. When was the last time you went to a party?
Went to a party??!?!? I`M AT A PARTY! taking a break because too much soda.
about 2 months ago.
about 23 years ago (hey wait a minute!)
3. What do you like to eat at party`s?
I like to sip tea and nibble on bread when i`m at my grandma`s tea party`s.
Naco`s, cake, soda, cheesecake, coke, pepsi, beer, Me: hey how old r u?
4. Okay, since i`m about to go to a party, i got to finish the quiz. What`s ur fav song, Just Dance, by lady Gaga, or oprah?
Who the *beeeeeeeeeeeep do you think i am? JUST DANCE!
oprah, ker sigh.............

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Created on:4/10/2009 3:04:50 PM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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