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Are you a party animal?
lets find out (e)

1. Do you drink when you party?
What kind of party would it be if you didnt?!
Yes, I do.
Only every now and then.
No, I have to take care of my friends. (your a good friend)
Drink? No way!!!
None of your business
2. Do you even like party`s?
Hell yeah!
Yes, I do.
They are ok.
No way!!
3. Do you do any of these when you do party?
What are those??
No way!!
I dont want to answer. (its ok)
4. Is there a lot of people at the party you go to?
Yes! A lot!!
There are a lot, but no more than 10.
not really, usually just a few of us. (under 5)
No, theres only a couple of us. (under 3)
Nope, I dont party!!
Its always just a party for 2 ;)
5. Do you like music at the partys?
No, its too loud I cant hear people!
I cant stand it!!
Yes, but not too loud.
Hell yeah!! Turn it up!!
What kind of party is it without music?
6. Do you look for a guy/girl to be with while you party? (if your single, or even if your arent)
Gotta have me a guy/girl!!
I like to have one, but I dont need one.
I am too shy to try and hook up with someone :( [dont be shy, its a party! losen up :)]
I always try, but it never works :( [dont give up, keep trying!]
Nope, I have a great girlfriend/boyfriend. (im glad to hear it)
I dont party you idiot!!! (then why are you taking this quiz?)
7. You ganna leave me comments to leave me know if this quiz was any good?
Yeah I will!
I guess I could.
No, this quiz sucked! (back off, its my first one)
No, im too lazy, sorry. (its ok, im lazy like that too)
I dont know, why should I? (please? cause I really wanna know how I did!)

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Created on:1/16/2008 2:54:03 AM
Made by:TheJake

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