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What type of party-animal are you?
Find out now!

1. Do you spend a lot of time inside, or do you prefer to be out?
Sitting inside, dossing about, TV, music etc
Being inside, but being active, so, for example, the gym
I like exercising outside, for example, running
I like being outside, for example, walking
2. Do you drink a lot?
I don`t drink at all.
Not really.
Always a hang-over after a party :(
Not really
A balanced amount
3. Do you dance at parties?
Always on the floor!
Not really!
Yeah, I do a bit.
Always sat there.
4. Where are you most likely to be at the parties?
Raving to music, having a good time
Drinking, getting wasted
Getting high
Sat down, drinking pop
5. Are you surrounded by friends at parties?
Always with them on them dancefloor!
Not really, I`m usually by myself.
Yeah, usually getting wasted with them all.
Usually i`m the DJ
Yeah, getting wasted in the yard or back room.
6. What do you enjoy most about parties?
Raving to the music!
Getting drunk/high
Nothing, I hate parties!
Being with friends
7. How much do you like parties on a scale? (5 being most-liked)

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Created on:8/19/2012 3:19:41 PM
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