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 Partners in Crime    Doctor Who Series   episode   quiz quiz. Did you see  Partners in Crime   Donna s return with the funny little Adipose  If you did   take this quiz  CONTAINS SPOILERS Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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`Partners in Crime` - Doctor Who Series 4 episode 1 quiz
Did you see 'Partners in Crime', Donna's return with the funny little Adipose? If you did - take this quiz! CONTAINS SPOILERS!

1. Who was in charge of Adipose Industries?
Miss Fisher
Miss Foster
Miss Fowler
Miss Forsett
2. What is Donna`s grandfather called?
Alfred Lott
Winston Pott
Wilfred Mott
Albert Tott
3. What is the free gift that the Doctor and Donna recieve?
A pen
A chain
A pill
A booklet
4. Who does Donna live with?
Her gradfather
Her sister
Her mother
No one
5. Where is Donna guaranteed to find her grandfather?
Up the hill
In the pub
In his armchair
In his van
6. What is Miss Foster`s real identity?
Mother Sophelia
Sister Latifa
Matron Cofelia
Mistress Tofelia
7. Who does Miss Foster fear the Doctor will inform of her actions?
Time Lords
Intergalactic Law
Shadow Proclomation
Classabindi Law
8. What happens to Miss Foster in the end?
She returns home
She is arrested
She disappears
She dies
9. Who makes a shock return at the end of the episode?
Rose Tyler
Donna Noble
Adam Mitchell
Lucy Saxon
10. What planet is Donna prepared to visit?
Planet of Fire
Planet of the Ood
Planet of the Time Lords
Planet of Hats
11. Will you be watching all the episodes of Doctor Who in Series 4?
Definately and the Christmas Special
Yes, all of Series 4
As many episodes as possible
A few episodes
Maybe one
Not interested

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Created on:4/7/2008 5:28:55 PM
Made by:s6owls

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