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What kind of partier are you?
What part do you play in a totally hot party? (e)

1. Where should cheeze wiz really go?
On a cracker
In your belly button
At the store...ick!
All over the other guests!
In someone elses belly button!
2. What kind of music do you like?
Heavy metal
Top 40
I dont like music
It doesn`t matter... I can groove to anything!
3. Where would the best party be held.
At home... classic.
At the beach.
At the country club.
The skating rink.
Somwhere with a no trespassing sighn!
I don`t like parties.
Psha! Anywhere I go is a party!
4. If someone gets hurt, you...
FREAK OUT!!!!!!!
Calmly asses the issue.
"That`s it! I`m leaving!"
do nothing, I caused the pain!
Say,"tough break man" or,"that`s a bummer"
Point and laugh.
5. It would be awsome if...
everything goes smooth... and fun of course.
someone famous shows up!
all your friends show up
the party ends with police sirens
someone you don`t like gets hurt or humiliated
you get invited to another party later.
you get your first kiss.
6. During most of the party you can be found...
next to the food.
on your phone.
playing pranks
in a bedroom or closet. Any where privet.
waiting for someone to pick you up.
with your significant other
sitting on the couch
talkin to members of the opposite gender.
at home, because you didn`t go.
7. Pixy stix are best for...
inhaling/ snorting
pouring onto the floor.
playing tricks on people with.
flavoring kisses
throwing in peoples eyes.
making your tounge a different color.
pouring into the shoes or hair of your enemy.
8. what is your signature dance style?
lap dancing.
belly dancing
Any kind, as long as I`m moving.
I wont be dancing.
Break dancing
9. Do you actually enjoy parties?
not really.
If I`m not at a party every day, I could die!

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