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Which part of a smore are you?
Chocolate, graham, or the mallow...which one are you?

1. You meet a new woman/man and he seams wonderful. They`re always talking about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and how awsome they are. You nod and smile, but you`ve never even heard of them! What do you do?
Say, heyI`m going to be honest and you`ll think I`m a loser, but who is Tom Petty?
Say, oh I love them! Then go out and buy all their albums, tshirts, ect.
You really do love them and sing along with all the songs.
2. Your two best friends are in the rediculous fight over nothing. You`re caught in the middle...do you....
Tell the one that they`re totally right, then tell the other the same thing. You don`t want them mad
Get yourself out of it, you don`t need anymore drama then you already have in your life
Invite them both over and have them talk about their problems and help them make up.
3. Your friend wants to go see The Notebook...you hate chick flicks, you want to see Spiderman. How do you react?
Say, ok, the Notebook sounds pretty sweet, lets go see it
Say, I`ll see the Notebook tonight, and then tomorrow we can see Spiderman
You don`t see the Notebook because you`re not going to waste your time. You know you hate it already
4. Your mom is always on your case to do better in school, she wants to know what you got on you Math test. You really got a 72% What do you tell her?
Tell her you got a 95%, you just want her proud of you.
Tell her you got a 72%, so what? You suck at math and you know it.
You tell her you got a 72% but promise you`ll do better next time, you just don`t want to fight
5. Everyone says you look hottest when you were red...you hate the color red. Do you wear it anyway just to look your best?
No, I hate the color red.
I would if I looked smokin` hot in it
I would wear red all the time. Other people like me in it, right?

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Created on:4/6/2007 4:55:15 PM
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