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Which Paradox Shigen Character Are You?

1. How smart are you?
I`m a genius.
Smarter than average.
Pretty normal.
I`m not so bright...
2. If I see someone fall down, I:
Run over and help them.
Feel bad and watch to see if they`re ok.
Pretend I didn`t see it.
Laugh out loud.
3. I want to be:
Eating bananas
4. What is your temperament?
I lose my temper easily.
I`m normal...
I fluctuate all over the scale.
I`m always happy.
I`m like a rock. Nothing shakes me.
5. My greatest asset is:
6. My greatest weakness is:
I have no weaknesses D8<
7. In my free time, I like to:
Eat my favorite foods
Train and study
Spend time with family
Spend time in nature
Go out with friends
Hurt people
8. How is your hygiene?
I`m always clean and groomed.
I`m clean enough.
I`m messy and often dirty.
9. How many friends do you have?
I have many friends :)
Only a few close ones.
I have no friends, only tools.
10. I am a:
11. I greet new people with:
A warm smile.
The scariest face I can muster.
The same face I always have.
A fake smile.
A frown.
12. I was born in:
13. If I had to choose, I prefer:
Sweltering Heat
Freezing Cold
14. My expression is usually:
A friendly smile
A roguish grin
A sour frown
A deadpan gaze
15. When I have a problem, I:
tell someone about it.
deal with it myself.
ignore it.
16. When I talk, my words are:
sincere and usually nice.
often lies.
blunt and honest.
purposely hurtful.
17. I come from a lineage of:
Royalty or aristocrat.
Common folk, I guess.
I have no idea.
18. A stranger asks you to watch her purse for a second, you:
Guard it with your life.
Keep an eye on it.
Ignore her and her purse.
Take it and run.
19. My height is:
20. I`d rather be:
Flying among the birds.
Swimming among the fish.
I`ll stay on solid ground, thanks.
21. I`m a sucker for:
Cute, fuzzy things.
Sweet, delicious things.
Shiny, precious things.
Yellow, crescent-shaped things.
I don`t care for any of those.
22. I am:
Right in the middle
23. When do you feel your best?
At the crack of dawn.
Late morning or early afternoon.
Around sunset and dusk.
At night, in the dark.
24. Do you like attention?
Yes! I love being in the spotlight.
No, I like to blend in with the crowd.
Only when it makes me look good.
25. I love:
Warm colors: reds, oranges, yellows, etc.
Cool colors: blues, greens, purples, etc.
A combination of warm and cool.
Neutral shades like black and white.
26. I sleep:
lying on my back.
lying on my side.
lying on my stomach.
all curled up.
27. I hate:
being bored.
working hard.
being lonely.
28. When someone disagrees with me, I:
bare my teeth and prepare to fight.
stubbornly defend my opinion, often losing my temper in the process.
talk it out civilly with them, giving thought to both sides.
agree with them so to avoid a fight.
do not argue, but keep doing things my own way.
29. What is your typical relationship with your friends?
I take care of them.
They take care of me.
A lot of both.
I don`t have friends.

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