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Which Pagan Religion Suits You?
A ten-option quiz trying to cover some of the most popular options. I'd do more, but the site only lets me do ten.

1. Talk to me about gods. How do you view them?
I don`t. Gods are irrelevant to what I do/believe.
All gods are one god, all goddesses are one goddess.
Duotheistic: I worship a female deity and a male deity.
Strict Polytheism: There are many gods, each of them a distinct individual.
Squishy Polytheism: There are many gods, and some of them may be each other.
Strict Polytheism, grouped: There are several families of gods with distinct fields of interest.
Pantheonic Henotheism: There may be other gods than those of my religion but I don`t worship them.
All deities are manifestations or minions of the One.
2. How about spirits? What best describes your primary attitude to them?
The natural world is full of spirits / fairies.
Spirits can be summoned, bound, and bargained with for knowledge.
There are domestic spirits, agricultural spirits, wilderness spirits.
Forming relationships with the spirits and spirit world is essential.
It`s important to have good relationships with the spirits of the local land.
It`s important to have good relationships with the spirits of the local city.
Good relationships with ancestor spirits are primary.
The spirit world is an excellent source of information.
3. And the elements? (Earth, air, fire, water.) What`s their significance?
The elements define the fundamental structure of the cosmos.
The elements are a set of magical or mystical tools for understanding the cosmos.
I can wiggle my religious concepts around a bit to talk elements with people if I try hard enough.
Sorry, this elemental stuff has no particular significance to me.
4. What place has magic in your practices?
Acts of magic are essential to the basic practice of my religion.
I do (or have the in-path option to do) a lot of theurgy (magic invoking gods).
Doing magic is kind of blasphemous or hubristic, isn`t it?
My magical practices are completely distinct from my religious ones.
I do folk magic such as curses, like my granny and/or the cultural ancestors of my tradition.
Does divination count as magic?
The boundaries between "magic" and "religion" are really kind of blurry for me.
5. What does the metaphysical structure of the cosmos look like?
Several realms which are connected by the axis mundi.
The material world and the spirit world.
The Tree of Life, connecting the material world to the abstract-transcendent.
The created world and the transcendent one.
The visible ordinary world and the inner/underworld.
Sorry, none of these fit and/or it doesn`t matter.
6. How did the cosmos come into being?
It was created by a powerful entity.
From chaos emerged various forces, which over time shaped reality.
The cosmos was born as a result of the sexual union of my deities.
The space between opposing forces gave rise to the potential for life.
What does it matter? We`re here now.
7. Accessibility: who gets to be in your path?
Anyone, of course.
Those people who are willing to dedicate the work required to learn.
Those who are called; we know our own.
Those with appropriate ancestry or past incarnations.
Those who are willing to cultivate the right relationships with the denizens of the spirit world.
8. Books! Where can you read about what you`re doing?
The pagan and occult section of the bookstore is full of stuff.
The history and mythology section of the bookstore is where to go.
I could point you at some interesting anthropological studies.
True knowledge is not to be found in books.

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