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What Ouran Host club host are you?
A few questions. (e)

1. What type of Host would you like to be?
Prince Charming type
Natural Type.
Cool type.
Little Devil Type
Lili-Shota type.
Wild type.
2. What kind of food do you like?
Sweets, and cake!
Spicy food.
Whatever everyone else is eating.
Anything expensive.
Obentoo box... which belongs to one of the other hosts.
3. What do you do in your spare time?
Cooking, looking after my house, studying, and reading.
Playing with my bunny and eating sweets, and cakes!
Praticing my kendo skills.
Checking how much the Host Club has, inventing & organizing the next theme.
Pulling pranks & Having fun.
4. Why did you become a host in the first place?
Because I was dragged in by someone else...
Because my friend joined too.
I was the one who created it in the first place!
Because of cakes, sweets! And the cute things! Oh, and it sounded fun!
I have to pay off my debt...
Eh, it sounded fun.
5. What kind of person are you?
Charming and passionate
An `egoist` on the outside, caring and intelligent on the inside
Cheeky ;P
Sweet and caring
Kind and caring
6. Do you enjoy being a host?
Yes! Of course!
Hehe, it`s fun n__n
More or less
Kinda... :S
Love it!
Nope T.T

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Created on:7/6/2007 4:48:11 PM
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