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What Ouran High School Host Club Character are you?
What Ouran High School Host Club Character are you? Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite food?
Japanese Food
Spicy Things
Sweet Things
I dont really have any
3. Where would you want to be at this moment?
At home
An Anime Convention
Wherever the one I love is
Wherever I can make more money
I really dont care
4. OMG! You just remembered that the book you got from the library is due today! What do you do?
I run to the library as fast as possibe and try to explain why the book is late!
I`ll just wait until tommorow and pay the late fee.
I`ll go to the library and be so loud that they kick me out of the library, along with the book.
It doesn`t matter because my family owns all of the librarys.
I don`t think i rented a book from the library...
5. Who is your favorite host?
The Hitachiin Twins
6. Do you have something special to you?
Yes, my relative
Yep, my stuffed animal
I love my family of friends
My collection of special limited eddition figures sent straight from Russia
7. When do you sleep?
At 3 pm until 4
at night! DUH!!
as late as i want. But don`t wake me up
I don`t notice that...
8. How do you react to losing a game?
I don`t really care.
Do I have to play again? (wanting to leave so badly)
9. You need to go to the store really badly! What do you need?
Some of that meat thats on sale
Sweets all for myself!!!
Some more disposable contacts...
Some Coffee!!
10. You`re with your friends playing karaoke. Its your turn next! What do you do?
I start singing right when i get there! Why should i care? Its just my friends!
"Umm... can you guys skip me?"
I`ll duet with someone, but not alone
I`m not interested in Karaoke
11. Why do you like Ouran High School Host Club?
I love the characters!
I love the story idea!
I just love the whole manga!
I`ve never even read/seen Ouran...
12. Why did you take this quiz?
I wanted to know what Ouran character I am!
I was bored.
I don`t really have a reason...
I just found the quiz and it looked interesting, so i took it.

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Created on:5/30/2009 10:34:16 PM
Made by:ibiwa

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