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opinions about t.i.
what do you think of him?

1. t.i.`s best friend got shot right by him. the shooter was trying to shoot t.i.
they shouldnt of dine that
haha im glad that mofo got shot
2. t.i. got caught with multiple loaded firearms
so, he was protecting his family an himself
arrest that bullpoo fu.ck
3. he is going to jail for 1 year and 1 day
hey, at least he`s doing his time
good, i hope he meets betty, a man and has oral sex with him
4. do u like t.i.?
yeah, he is a good man
hell na, he got caught with guns man. he gonna be like bang bang skeet skeet in this b.itch

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Created on:3/27/2009 1:17:24 PM
Made by:dbackfan24

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