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The Only Ways To Die part 2
second part from the Cliffhanger

1. okay,we`re gonna continue now ^^
bout time :(
2. Hunter: how come you wanna kill me!? Pride: You of course weak and easy to rip open then others Hunter: I`m not too easy Hunter grabs a broken rock with a sharp edge Pride smiles and makes 1 finger a blade and stabs it into your thigh Hunter: ahk!
right back into the action :)
3. Hunter throws the rock at you Pride catches it Pride twists the blade in your leg Pride: tsk tsk tsk Hunter starts to bleed more Pride smiles Hunter: you dratin bastard... Pride: tsk tsk I was goin to make it fast but now I`ll make this slow
like i said i dunno what to put these
4. and painful Hunter steps on your finger/blade with his other foot Pride the blade breaks,steps back as her finger goes back to normal Pride the blade stays in your leg Hunter steps back and pulls the broken off piece out Pride looks at you evily
yay hunter is fighting(you have no idea)
5. Hunter holds it in his hand Hunter: i told you it wouldn`t be so easy... Pride: poo Pride steps back Hunter coughs up blood Pride smiles Hunter wipes his mouth off then looks at you Pride walks toward you Hunter backs away Pride jumps at you
6. landing on you, holds you arm down and puts her hand on your shoulder wound Hunter uses his tail to grab the blade and stabs it into your chest,in between the rib cages Pride some blood flows out of her mouth then falls to the side Hunter breathes
O.o(note:little bit of romance in it too)
7. heavily Pride puts both her hands on the blade and starts to pull it out Hunter: eh- Pride: If you didn`t notice your shoulder yet I healed it... Pride pulls the blade out Hunter blinks but doesn`t look Pride drops the blade to the side
(keep going)
8. , it rolls away Pride tries to get up but grunt in pain closing her eyes Hunter gets up Pride rolls on her stomach and gets on her hands and knees Pride throws up blood Hunter walks over and helps you up Pride slowly looks at you
wait,I HELP HIM UP!?(yeah,you were a field medic,you did this stuff all the time)
9. Hunter: gonna try to kill me again? Pride: I`m too weak to try Hunter rips off part of his shirt Pride you notice all the cuts and bruises now that your not fearing for your life Hunter: damn Hunter: someone tore you up
(again,keep going)
10. Pride: You mean a lot of people tore me up Pride: A downtown gang Hunter wraps the cloth around where he stabbed you Hunter`s hair turns blue Pride grins Pride looks at your hair Hunter: this should help stop the bleeding... Pride: t..thanks
I can`t believe i`m helping him!
11. Hunter sighs Hunter: you need a doctor Pride: I`ll be f.. *looks up and eyes widen* Hunter grabs his dagger
and that`s the end for now :)
another cliffhanger!?

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