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Which one of my OCs are you   Warrior Cats  quiz. Hello  I ve been thinking about making a quiz like this for a long time  There are ten OCs you could be       Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which one of my OCs are you? (Warrior Cats)
Hello! I've been thinking about making a quiz like this for a long time. There are ten OCs you could be... .3.

1. What Clan are you in?
I used to be in FlameClan, but I was exiled.
It`s kind of complicated. I was in ForestClan at first, then LightClan, then I was a loner...
I`m a kittypet, but I joined WildClan for a while.
I used to be a loner, but BreezeClan took me in.
I was in FlameClan, but I decided to leave.
2. Roleplay time! You`re in a battle. Your mate is cornered by two enemy cats, and your kits are being held captive. You can only save one; by the time you save them the other will be dead. Who do you choose?
I would call one of my fellow warriors to save my kit while I saved my mate.
I WOULD RIP THEIR THROATS OUT. Anyone who even TOUCHES Wasp, Snow, Stone, or Sand will die.
I suppose I would save my mate. I would grieve Shadowkit and Icekit but Darkflash means more to me..
It would be hard, but in the end I would pick my kits. They`re too young to die.
I-I don`t know what I would do! I`d try really hard to save both of them!
Well...I really wouldn`t know. I don`t have a mate or kits.
Well...if I HAD either one...I would probably pick my mate ;-;
I guess I would save my kits. I would definitely be sad about my mate though.
I would use my power to save them both.
I`m a medicine cat! What are you talking about?!
3. Out of these choices, what would you want to look like as a cat?
White with gray ears, forehead, and tail.
Gray with lighter and darker spots.
White with silver, gray, and black spots.
Brownish-cream with fade-to-lighter ears, paws, and tail-tip.
White with black stripes, much like a white tiger.
Black tabby with white paws, chest, muzzle, and tail-tip.
Black with one white paw.
Sandy-colored with black specks and black paws.
Tall, black.
Gray tabby with white paws, chest, and muzzle.
4. Out of these cats, which one would you like as a mate?
Stonetail - Dark gray with lighter chest and paws.
Wasp - Ginger with darker paws, chest, and tail-tip.
Darkflash - Black with fade-to-white tail-tip.
Rainstar - Gray tabby with white paws and tail-tip.
Pantherfang - Black with lighter paws.
I don`t want a mate.
I don`t have many friends, let alone a mate. Crowfall is much older than me, and I hate him anyway..
I`m not too fond of anyone in my FORMER Clan. I haven`t met anyone I like either.
Glowtail - Golden/orangeish with lighter and darker tail
I can`t have a mate, as I said before. Not that anyone would want to be my mate anyway... ;-;
5. MOAR ROLPLAI!! xD You`re hunting in the forest with your best friend, when suddenly three cats drop down from the trees and pin him/her down. What do you do?
I`d run back to camp and call for help.
I highly doubt Death would be killed by three weak cats. I`d help her, then we`d kill them.
I`d hide in a bush, then silently climb a tree, think about it, then drop down on the weakest one.
I`d hide, then distract the attackers by insuting them, but never letting myself be seen or caught,
I`d jump right in without even caring if I got hurt. That`s Onyx you`re talking about.
I would probably panic for a second, then run back to camp as fast as my paws would carry me.
I would hide in the grass and make a loud noise to distract them, then tell my friend to run.
I would try to make them notice me, then run back to camp as fast as I could.
I would, again, use my power to save them.
I would try to talk to them, ask them why they were attacking.
6. Who is the leader of your Clan?
I am the leader, but Redstar was the leader before me.
I have no Clan. I am the leader of my group, though.
Lightstar. After him, it will be that piece of fox dung, Acorntail.
Well, since my CURRENT Clan is LightClan, Foxstar is leader.
When I was in WildClan, their leader was Servalstar.
When I was in FlameClan, it was Nettlestar. But I left.
I am the leader .3.
7. What is your personality?
Caring, loyal, protective, and friendly.
Well, I USED to be carefree and happy, but ever since I was exiled I`ve been cold and unforgiving,
VERY protective, sweet, generous, kind, loyal, and strong,
Unswervingy loyal to LightClan, brave, strong, mysterious
Loyal, brave, protective, worried
Adventurous, loyal, careless, brave, curious
Mysterious, loyal, strong, stealthy, brave
Brave, strong, fast, caring, loyal, protective
Mysterious, stealthy, strong, kind, loyal
Lonely, loyal, sad, brave, protective, caring
8. Out of these, which are you best at?
Leading a Clan and giving advice.
Killing and protecting my kits.
Defending my Clan and hunting.
*Sigh* Bouncing between Clans...but also hunting.
Fighting and hunting,
Mainly fighting, but I`m fairly good at hunting.
Using my power and staying MILES away from water!!
Treating my patients and hunting,
9. What is your favorite color?
I guess blue.
Light neutral colors, like light gray and white.
Green or yellow.
I like white and blue.
Black is nice...but I also like green...
Probably white or silver.
Blue or green.
10. What`s your eye color?
Dark green
Bright/emerald green
Light green
11. How many friends do you have?
I have quite a few friends.
I have maybe two friends.
I have a few close friends, and a few acquaintances.
I don`t have that many friends. I`m kind of a loner.
I have a few acqaintances, maybe one friend.
I have one close friend, and...my sisters .3.
No one really likes me but my kind-of sister, Icewhisker.
When I was in FlameClan I had a few friends, but now I`m fine with Sky, who I live with now,
I don`t really have any FRIENDS, but I do have some acquaintances.
I have one friend ;-;
12. What`s the most important to you out of these?
Keeping my Clan safe
Getting revenge on cats who`ve hurt me -.-
Protecting my kits
Proving your strength/loyalty
Hunting/fighting skills
Helping those in need
13. What`s your opinion on kittypets?
They`re fine, I guess. As long as they don`t cross into my territory.
I`ll accept them if they want to join my group, but if they mean any harm I`ll kill them.
As long as they stay away from my kits I`m fine with them.
I don`t like them very much.
I like them, especially if they`re like Onyx!
I AM a kittypet .3.
If they help, I like them. If they stay in their Twoleg nests, I`m fine with them.
They`re okay. I think Sky was a kittypet at one point...
I`m suspicious of them. I don`t like them being near me.
If they`re wounded, I`ll help them, but if not, they can run back to their Twolegs.
14. Your camp is being invaded by a rival Clan! Where are you?
At the front, defending my Clan no matter what it takes. I have lives to spare.
Ripping apart anyone who even TRIES to hurt my kits.
In front of the nursery, defending the kits and queens.
At the elders` den, defending the elders. They`ve done so much for the Clan; I can`t let them die.
Attacking anyone who gets in my way, as long as they`re not from my Clan.
Trying to defend, but most likely failing.
In a fight with their leader; if he/she dies, the attackers will probably flee.
Defending my leader; if he/she dies, the attackers will win.
Using my power to attack as many enemy cats as I can.
At the edges, treating the wounded.
15. Who do you hope you get? (LAST QUESTION!!! Go by name if you aren`t familiar with any of them)

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