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what one of my made up characters are you   dream quiz  quiz. yes  i make stories in my head and most of the characters are demons  this is also a dream quiz have fun  characters  Oniji  Saikiyo  Malco  Sieras and Akaji  sorry the pictures are so bad    i drew them quickly Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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what one of my made-up characters are you? (dream quiz)
yes, i make stories in my head and most of the characters are demons, this is also a dream quiz have fun!(characters, Oniji, Saikiyo, Malco, Sieras and Akaji) sorry the pictures are so bad... i drew them quickly

1. you wake up in a strange abandoned city, gray, dull and broken runes, your first thought is...
where am i?
it...looks, so familiar...but where have i seen this place before?
a city of ash and pebbles, this would make an interesting hide out...
humf...some one beat my to destroying this city....
2. you walk down the iclated streets, when you look up you see...
a blood red sky with black clouds
a dull black, starles sky
a dull gray clouded sky, lightning is flashing, looks like rain
a black midnight sky full of little red, blue, green and white stars and a blood red full-moon
3. you quickly trot down an ally when something caches you eye...
it`s page of an old book, its torn, bloody and burn
a clump of white fur cough on barb-wire tide around a mangled telephone post
a sack with young girls hand covered in burns, bruises, scrapes, lying limply on the cracked cement
a black scale for some sort of large lizard
a silver coin, i looks like it`s for the 1800`s
4. your pace quickens to a run, you slow down to a stop when you see a broken fountain, you look into it...
your reflection looks at you and says, "why, why did you let us die?" as it grabs your hand
you touch the water, as soon as you do that the water turns red as blood
you see a reflection of the clouds, it looks two demon are fighting each other
you see nothing not even you reflection
you touch the water, the fountain sinks into a hole, you look down the hole and see many red eye
5. as you walk down the winding ally you see an old woman staring at you, she said " come with me, i can tell you you pass, present and future" as she leads you into a small wrecked house, she touches your hand, "see the past" she says. you see...
hundreds of people being slaughtered by demons under a full moon
your self in chained up against a large metal symbol, your wounded and bleeding
a woman corpse in front of you, and in your hand is a human heart
hundreds of bat flying in a circle around the moon
nothing...just blackness
6. you stumble back, she touches your hand again "now the present"
you see your self alone, you look around and see a girl crying
your standing staring out onto a large black nothingness
your standing with the person you love the most
you standing in fiery ruins laughing
nothing, you feel dead
7. you stand there, shocked, she touches your hand one more time "now, the end"
you see your best friend, she`s/he`s about to be killed, but you block the wponen, saving them
many angry looking people with spears, charge at you
a huge black two headed demon with a hundred eyes and tails attacks you, then everything gose black
nothing, every things black
8. the old woman points to an old book "read" she said. you take the book then turn around to face her, shes gone, you open the book, the first word you see is....
9. then the book...
begins to bleed in your hands
burst into fire
the book turns to dust
turns to a page where bats and demon fly out
burst into flames and a hand comes out and grabs you "come back to hell" it says
10. you fling the book away and then a voice says...
"how could you let me die, why did you run?"
"now we can die together"
"strait to hell you go"
"you destroyed my life, now i destroy yours"
"why didn`t you do something? you let me die, you let us all die"
11. you back up, only to fall in a endless hole, you...
scream "NO! it`s not suppose to end like this!"
you just free fall and laugh
you cry thinking about how you never finished you life
you spread your arms and fall, it feels like your flying, it makes you happy
you say calmly "now, i may join you"

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