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Which One Of My Friends Are You??
Find Out! I Have Some Crazy Friends.

1. When You See A Dog That Has Been Run Over But Is Still Alive, What Do You Do??
Kick It And Run!!! Wahahahaha!!
You Would Help It Of Corse
Just Leave It There And Let It Dye. Why Is It Any Of Your Consern?
2. Do You Have A Bf/Gf??
No. I Keep Scaring Them Away...... T-T
Yes And I Love Them Very Much. They Are My Super Band-Aid.
No But I Already Know Who I Am Marrying
No. I Dont Think Love Is For Me.....
No. Someone I Hate Took My Gf Away From Me
3. Do You Do Druggs??
NO!! Of Corse Not
Nope. Im Not Stupid Enogh To Do Such A Thing.
Yea!! I Get Stoned Every Chance I Get
I Wish..........
Not So Much But I Still Do Get Stoned Sometimes
4. Do You Like Blood??
No, In Fact Im Afraid Of It.
Ewwww. No.
Its Ok I Guess
5. Do You Believe In Spirits??
Yes. Im Part Of An Organization That Studies Them
Yes I Do
6. Are You Paranoid??
Yes. I Always Memorize All The Exits In A Room Just In Case They Come After Me.......
Not Realy
Yea A little
7. Whats Your Favorite Time Of Day??
I Dont Care
At Midnight.

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Created on:2/3/2009 6:32:44 PM
Made by:bloodymasks

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