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Which one of my friends would you date?
this is 4 guys and girls sooooo.....

1. Ok, when i say bouncy balls, what`s the first thing that comes to your mind? (please be truethfull)
Ewwwwwwwwww!!! THAT SOUNDS SO WRONG!
Their so fun to play with!
Only guys have them....
I think of the bed, want to get in?
2. OK, so i have a club called "The retarded Dinosaurs" and i know it sounds stupid but we`re super populaur! What is ur reaccation?
You need to go to special ed! (me: wow ur such an idoit....)
Oh ok....
3. Do you like super shy people?
Oh yeah!
I am one!
4. Do you like girly girls, or tough guys?
Tough guys!
Girly girls!
5. Ok, i have another club called H.S. What do you think that stands for?
Horribale SEX! Ugh..... (girls)
Horribale SEX! Ugh..... (guys)
Horribale spys (girls)
Horribale spys (guys)
Oh, i don`t know. Hey um, uh, *stutters, *cries (for guys and girls)
6. Do you like to have fun a lot?
Every now and then.
Never. it would spoil my grades. (guy)
If i could every day, i would love life!!!! (girl)
7. When i say (boy), or (girl) i mean that the answer is for a (boy) to answer or a (girl) ok?
I know (boy)
Oops... (girl)
8. How do you decribe yourself?
Very focused on school (boy)
Not very focused on school (boy)
Very focused on school (girl)
Full of Energy (girl) (me: hey thats just like me!!)
Full of Energy (Boy) (me: hey thats just like me!!)
Shy (boy)
Shy (girl)
9. Do you like my quizzes (wont effect)
Never tooken them
I guess
Their awesome and so is this one!
Not all of them!
10. Will you rate and comment (maybe effect)
Neither you idoit!

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Created on:4/23/2009 8:33:41 AM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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