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what one of my dragons r u?

1. what would u do when an eclips happend and no one coluld move but u in a war?
atack all the weak points in the opponents feild. then atack the leader.
sit and hid
make plasma shilds for every one one ur team
make trouble
take over the place in one foul swope
2. choose a power
making trouble and confusing enimies
overlord of everything. make strong winds
use the power of the eclips to destoy
make things with plasma
makes black mist and fog to blind enimies,
3. sorry so short. when ithik of more il add more questions.no efect
ok but make it fast
4. comment or rate?no efect

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Times Taken:3,512
Created on:10/21/2009 5:06:42 PM
Made by:emodragon

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