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Which one of my dogs are you?(Max or rocco)?

1. What do you do when you see a hot girl/boy?
go up to her/him
nothing but trying to be a show-off
do something else kool
2. What color is your hair?
brown with black highlights.
brown with lil bit of black
black and white
black lil white highlights
black with lil borwn.
3. Do you have little ears?
Yes.Don`t remind me about it.
Really tiny!
lil bit
No!I have huge ears!
medium size!
lil shorter than medium size.
i have normal ears.
there ok.
what does this have to do with the quiz?
idk never look at my ears.
4. Got a slim body?
so slim i can fit into any tiny place!
Slim body but could not fit into every crawl space.
slim,can do anything i want!but a lil plum.
im a lil big,lil skinny.
chubby but fast and zippy strong!
im plum and thats all i can say!
im fine and happy the way i look like.
5. Have strong might legs?
Yesss...Mighty strong!
mighty but not,STRONG STRONG!!
there strong but no mighty strong.
they are skinny.strong,and can hop anything!
Mighty skinny strong!
ok but i can do anything like hop a 2 foot tall rock.
skinny but no mighty strong......
i like my legs!
i want different legs!I shall steal your legs!

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Created on:5/6/2009 9:03:13 PM
Made by:SmileyStar

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