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Which one of my besties are you?
okies it my 5th quiz yah, hope you like this (e)

1. whats your favourite colour??
red and orange
pink and purple
grey and silver
rainbow!! everything bright
2. favourite food??
dango fish milk
anything healthy
anything yummy
nice stuff
anything good
3. whats your most favourite thing
dango and lots and lots of cute stuff, animals
books lots and lots of books
sport and health
singing and dancing
dunno anything really
4. any phrases or saying
gao and other wierd noises when troubled
nothin really
5. any bad habits??
saying gao too much and other wierd noises
too sporty and stuff
nothin much
books read too much books
6. this quiz took a long time to make, so plz plz comment and then rate
well arent you a little poet!! ohh and anyway... no
okies your quiz rocks, you rock too
ok whatever
sure why not

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Times Taken:2,161
Created on:12/30/2007 4:24:54 AM
Made by:dango_rox

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