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Which one of my best best friends are you?
please rate or comment at the end, thank you soooo much!! (e)

1. whats your most favourite colour
yellow and all kinds of bright colours
red and orange
blue and green
pink and purple
2. what do you like the most??
dont know, i am really talkative though
books books and books
hanging out with friends shopping and music, you know just stuuf
dango, cute things and animals, except cane toads i dont like them much
3. do you like cute stuff??
yes yes yes of course awwwwwww thats sooooooo cute!! yay yay yay yay
not the best thing ever
i dont care about cute things much
no way its lame
4. do you like dango??
yes yes yes i love them!!!!!!!!
looks ok i guess
no i have no idea what it is
nooo way their for losers
5. last question will you rate and comment??
yes sure i will your soooo awesome
yeah ok i guess
no sorry
nooo way your a total loser
6. tehehehe tricked you!! what do you want your name to be??
7. hahah tricked you again!!
wow you did great job *rolling eyes* *being sarcastic*
you did i didnt see that one comig do it again do it again *jumping everywhere saying yay X 100

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Created on:1/16/2008 4:23:40 PM
Made by:dango_rox

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