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Which one of my anime figures are you?
based on things that has happened to figure, not the actual character

1. Hello my friend. What`s your hair color? (pick the closest one)
a lot
Blonde and Black
2. Are you prone to things falling on you?
YES. it happens... so much...someone save me....
it was a close call this one time.... but i survived,,, barely...
I dont know??? what
I am safe all the time, so no I am not.
I watch other people fall to their demise, it is never I. >:)
3. Do you like being surrounding by other people/objects?
Yes, it fills the void within my soul.
No. I am the lone wolf, I sit ....alone....
I just tend to stick with my bff.... they`re the best....
I`m surrounded by people who have the same purpose as I,and that is being a beautiful waste of money
4. Do you prefer the high ground, or low ground?
High, so I can watch my enemies burn from afar.
Medium, I just want to chill.
Low, I tend to stay where everyone else is at. It`s more fun here.
Low, but in the back. Though even with everyone else, I`m still the center of attention ;)
5. How beautiful/wonderful are you on a scale of 1-10?
10 outta 10
10, i am very... beautiful.... honestly....
10, i am very cool and hip
6. Favorite out of these????
My bff
A giant hammer, the biggest
a beautiful bubble
dark pit
a headband
donut hello kitty
tom nook
money more money, so much money
my hand
butterfly wavepool duck

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Created on:12/8/2015 11:30:53 PM
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