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Which One Directioner are you?
Find out which out of the five guys from one direction are similar to you

1. how would you do your hair in the morning?
spike it up- go crazy
straighten it
go natural- who cares, right?
go wavy- embrace the curls!
2. what type of guy do you look for?
the romantic ones- how cute are they?
the sensitive but caring ones
the flirty/badboy ones
the geeky but kind ones
3. what`s your fave one direction song?
what makes you beautiful- pshtt you know your gorgeous!
stole my heart- love at first sight
gotta be you- matchmade in heaven
i want- people annoy me!
4. what`s your favorite food?
tacos- go mex!
pizza- yumm
5. what`s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
hang with friends
spend a lot of time with your boyfriend/girlfriend
watch tv- be lazy
play videogames
6. what`s your favorite color?
7. If you ever got into a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend how would you make it up to them?
give them chocolates and maybe flowers
screw that i`m done
intimate displays of affection
romantic date to a restaurant of her choice

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Created on:5/31/2012 12:05:20 PM
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