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Which One Direction Man Is Yours?
Who do you best suit from one direction?

1. What type of bodies are you into?
Skinny, runty bodies.
Nicely Toned.
Toned bodie, six-packs ;)
2. What type of faces ;) are you into? ;)
Dark eyes....
Dark eyes, hair, skin...dark in general ;)
Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Curly hair, a cute face ;)
Floppy hair, angular face.
3. Who would you rather date?
a normal, idiotic guy
a pain in the ass
Adorably self-less
A cheeky guy ;)
Tall, dark and mysterious...
Really sweet...
Funny, nice
4. You`d rather date....
a romantic musican
a cheeky band-member...
some kind of mysterious hero (police, firegfighter-dude etc)
comedian who will be sweet and make u LOL
5. Do you think irish accents are hot?
6. You like younger men...
7. Do you like their music?

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Times Taken:93,700
Created on:10/11/2011 1:34:34 PM
Made by:mizedcullen1

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