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One Day Down A Random Boulevard...
I was bored.

1. You wake up to see something in your driveway. What do you see?
Jerry Seinfeld
A robotic ninja
Willy Wonka
A pile of dog poop
2. So now you decide to take a walk down the street. What is the street called?
Choo-choo Train Avenue
Hobo Path
The Yellow Brick Road (that`s convieient.)
Lettuce Lane
3. On that road, you see a mime. What do you do?
Make invisible walls with it!
Do the worm.
Shoot him. Ka-pow!
Throw an egg at him.
4. Next, you step on something. What do you step on?
A puke pile
A monkey
5. Now you spot an old man. What is he doing?
Doing the limbo.
Eating waffles.
Sitting in a porta-potty.
6. So now you decide to throw something at a hobo you just saw. What do you throw at him?
The basics. A rock.
A chocolate bar.
A rubber chicken.
A DVD player.
7. Next, you go to a party at a house. What do you do there?
Dance my butt off.
Play "Spin the Bottle."
Hide in the bathroom closet and play with a Barbie doll.
Beat up some noobs!
8. You pass out at the party. Who wakes you up?
My dog
Al Pacino
A wizard.
9. Whoever wakes you up gives you pancakes. What do you do with them?
Sit on them.
Look at them.
Eat them.
Throw them in whoever woke you up`s face.
10. See how random things can turn into more random things?
More random things!
Katy Perry wears diapers!

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Created on:7/3/2009 2:08:21 PM
Made by:Gibbus43

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