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Are you on Santa`s naughty ot nice list?
Which one are you? (e)

1. What do you think of Santa?
Not real!
Hate him and pull down his pants when I see him
I want to stow away on his sled
Never thought about it!
2. What do you leave out for him on Christmas eve?
Cookies and milk!
Carrots. He needs to loose a few pounds
a snake to scare his pants off
Santa isn`t real
a booby trap
3. You see a fake Santa in a store you...
Tell all the little kids he`s a fake
Pull of his beard and laugh
Get in line anyways
tell the little kids that the guy who pulled of his beard wanted to tell you abouot sana`s helpers
Shoot him
4. What do you do on Christmas Eve or plan to do?
leave cookies, go to sleep, and hope i get what i wanted
Tell mom/dad that i will go to bed, set up spy gear, wait for him
Tell mom/dad that i will go to bed, set up spy gear, wait for him, fall asleep
Put out presents
5. What do you want from santa?
only one thing because he has a lot of people to care for
bike,robot,puppy,bublbegum machnine, webkinz, shining star, .ect.
Bubblegum machine and a webkinz
2 things
3 things
1 thing
6. What do you do when you see someone asking for money?
Walk past them
Give them spare change
find a penny on the floor and give em it
say sorry, dont have any
say sorry, dont have any, but you do have money
7. How did you like my quiz? (if you don`t want to answer click blank one)
Hate it!!!!!!!
Loved it!
loved it (but don`t)

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Created on:12/13/2007 7:12:21 AM
Made by:louie8372

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