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On A full Moon quiz. Okay so my last one didnt go so well  b c i got writers block D  but im back     but its alot diff Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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On A full Moon
Okay so my last one didnt go so well, b/c i got writers block D: but im back.... but its alot diff

1. My legs were burning. My face was wet with tears and my heart was pounding so hard, someone from 10 miles could hear it. I feel like I forgot to do something. They were right. I tried to ignor them, tried to convince myself they were lying.
2. But they were right. There was no were I could run, no place to hide. They were going to kill me. Kill me and leave my body lying in the snow. Slowly Acheron’s voice faded into my head.
3. “This is just like the track meets, run, run, run, and never look back…”That’s what I’d do. Keep running and never stop. I could do that. Except where would I run to? My Aunt? No, too dangerous. Acheron? I think his last words would be “I told you so
4. If only mom were alive to help me… she died…? Because the same monster chasing me… killed her! It’s his entire fault I’m so stuburn! And He killed dad too! And Kasey and Alex. I stop. If I die, I will get to see them again.
5. I hear a rustle in the trees. I still haven’t lost him yet. This is getting on my nerves. I run again, this time slowly keeping my eyes on the shop at the top of the hill. NO! I can’t go there, Mr. Krale would die as well. Almost there, I tell myself
6. Almost no where. But I’m weak now, hungry, tired, sore… My legs collasp beneth me. Now I’m done for. I close my eyes tight and breath heavly. God, please let me live through this, please…please...
7. comment please (dnt effect)?????

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Created on:2/26/2011 1:54:26 PM
Made by:tomboy91

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