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How old are you mentally?
What is your age in your head? (e)

1. Your best friend would call you....
2. In/At School, you were/are the...
Sporty/Popular Kid
The Life of the Party
3. Your most visited web site is...
My own that I created
4. Your opinion on books...
They`re OK. I mean, most I`ve read are boring.
I could not live without them
I like them, but some are bad.
5. What result are you expecting to get?
Reaaalllly Old.
Pretty Young and Hip
Eh, in between.
6. And what would you say if I refused to give you that result?
I didn`t want that result anyway, so the joke`s on you *maniacal grin*
Why not? Perhaps we can discuss this...
It`s just a quiz, for pete`s sake!
7. Will you rate?
Probably, people enjoy feedback.
It depends on my result.
I don`t know, the questions were OK....

About This Quiz
Times Taken:113,107
Created on:10/2/2007 10:44:53 PM
Made by:plaidpants

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