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How old do you look  quiz. Hey don t yell at me  It s about your body  not personality  That means YOU make the choices  Answer honestly  Please eb   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How old do you look?
Hey-don't yell at me. It's about your body, not personality. That means YOU make the choices. Answer honestly. Please eb (e)

1. Do you smoke?
Yes, but I`ve tried to quit
2. Your (illegal/non-prescription) drug history?
I have never had drugs
I have tried drugs only once/I have drugs less than once a year and am not a drug addict
I am a drug addict
3. Please use that link to calculate your bmi. What are you?
Normal Weight
4. How much makeup do you wear everyday?
Lip gloss or Lib balm (or chapstick)
Blush, eyeshadow and something on your lips
Lip stuff, eyeshadow,mascara,blush, concelear,nailpolish and tanner
5. How much are you stressed?
A little
6. Are you tan?
Yes, from self tanner
Yes, from time outside naturally
Yes, from outside when I was tanning purposely
Yes, from a tanning booth

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Created on:11/5/2007 5:53:07 PM
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