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How old do you act?
Play on to find out.....

1. Your friends are all invited to a big party but you`re not. How do you react?
What party!?
Start screaming and complaning at the top of your voice.
Go up to whoever`s party it is and demand your invite.
Forget about it. There will be other parties.
I`m not the party type anyway.
2. Your taste in music?
I`m not really into music.
Anything really. Depends on my mood.
Something soothing thanks.
3. Your ideal present?
A toy of some sort.
A loudspeaker to make myself heard more!
An ipod or laptop maybe.
I`m not fussed.
Something homemade. It shows the person cares.
4. At 6.00pm you suddenly realise your friends birthday is tomorrow. What do you do for a present?
Forget it.
When you see them tomorrow lie and say you left it at home.
Just put some money in a card.
Nip out and see if you can find anything.
Give them a book token.
5. You hit a stray dog with your car. What do you do?
I didn`t see any dog?
Leave it. It`s probably got rabies.
Check it`s ok.
Take it to the vets. I can`t just leave it.
Carry on driving. I have to get home, something good will be on tv.
6. Your favourite drink?
Whatever, As long as it`s what i want.
A fruit juice. Or maybe something alcoholic.
A beer.
7. If you had a catchphrase it would be....
Gosh, you don`t understand anything!
Calm down.
I`m tired.
8. If you caught your best friend cheating with your boyfriend what would you do?
Just leave it. It`s not worth the arguments.
Shout at both of them and ignore them forever.
Tell them how they hurt you and ignore both of them till they are sorry enough.
Find out why they would do this.
Leave it. Your too lazy to do anything about it.
9. Your favourite colour?
Pale blue.
Bright pink or orange or anything loud.
Black or anything dark.
White. Or pale.

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