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OK now I have boy promblems     HELP  quiz. its strange like right after i made my other help quiz I had a boy problem so can you help me Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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OK now I have boy promblems.... HELP!
its strange like right after i made my other help quiz I had a boy problem so can you help me?

1. Ok I really have a boy problem...
how bad is it?
2. The`s this boy named Vance and he`s in my class had I think his really cute...
ooohhhh... you got it bad...
awww that`s so cute...
3. Over the weekend I wrote him a love letter telling him basicly what I just told you.
that`s so corney!
4. the bad thing is he`s been absent for three days, I can`t put it in his desk then this kid named Juan would come and read it and he is such a nosy, blabber mouth,,,
I like that jaun kid(me: if you knew him you wouldn`t)
What a jerk!!!!!
5. Now Vance is like my best friend and he even told me he doesn`t want a realsionship this year but I`ve never had this strong of feelings for someone....
that`s really sad (Ok listen hear Mr/Mrs sarastic...)
How can I help?
6. now you see my problem... Oh I think this is very important.... He knows I like him because me and this girl Rebecca fouht over him for like a week, I won ^_^
good for you (shut up)
that is some good info!
7. I really need some help and if you say I could just call him, then it would be really werid if his mom or younger brother picked up....
well then....
are you really that desprite?
8. oh and no one besides my friend Kevin, Angelina, Rebecca and Vance know I like Vance so don`t say talk to your friends about it.
no worries
9. feel free to PM me with your advice.... I like getting PM`ed
me too!

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Created on:4/14/2010 3:35:33 PM
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