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Are you obsessed with making quizzes on this site  quiz. I make a lot    maybe too much    but let s see what your like    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you obsessed with making quizzes on this site?
I make a lot... maybe too much... but let's see what your like! (e)

1. Well how many quizzes have you made?
Like 15 +!
Like around 5-10 maybe.
Like 1 or 2 or none!
2. On an average, how many quizzes do you make per day?
Like... one or more.
I make about one every other day.
Umm... 1 a week maybe.
Like.... one every other week.
Once a month.
Once every other month.
I haven`t made a quiz yet.
3. Do you have an idea for your next quiz?
Yes tons!!!!!!!
A few
Like... one?
Zero ideas
4. Have you recommended this site to your friends?
Yes and with my enthusiasm they joined. :D
Yeah but they didn`t join.
Uhh... no...
5. Are you good at making quizzes?
Yes none of my quizzes are in the negative zone! =D
I have maybe one or two quizzes in the negative zone but most are +.
They are all negative! :*(
No I don`t make quizzes here.
6. How often are you on this website?
EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME!! (until I go to bed/bathroom/eat)
Everyday but not every minute!
Every other day/ every week
Rarely or never.
7. Is this the only website you go to?
Pretty much.
No but it`s one of them.
I like... never go here!
8. OK so I don`t know what question to put next... but PLEASE rate/comment!
Sure! I`d LOVE to!
OK whatever... I might.
NEVER! me: Aw come on is it that hard? :*(

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Created on:2/24/2008 8:40:55 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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