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What kind of nurse should you be?
What type of speciality would be best for your personality?

1. What sounds the most enjoyable to you?
Fast paced situations
Spending time with extremely ill patients
Giving care to acutely ill patients
Seeing different types of patients due to high turn over rate
Working with families in difficult and emotional situations
Providing health education to kids
Coaching a woman in labor about how to breathe properly
One on one care in a high risk situation
2. What age group is most appealing to you?
Toddlers - Teenagers
All age groups
3. Which best describes your personality?
Able to handle high stress situations and can make quick decisions confidently
You are outgoing and can handle numerous types of illnesses
You can handle crying and are able base your communication style on someone`s developmental age
You prefer to work with the patient`s family when you are caring for someone
4. Which sounds the least enjoyable to you?
High stress situations that affect you emotionally and physically
Giving care to patients who are terminally ill
Giving injections to a child who is crying "no more pokes!"
Treating people with drugs that are making them feel ill, even though they will hopefully be cured
Working with a woman who is becoming non-compliant with a necessary procedure
Working with different types of diseases and having a high turn over of patients

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